What we do…

Based on a free audit and initial interviews with  your  organization’s  managers,  we  gather  a   team  of  experts  in  business  management, quality improvement, process engineering, and  healthcare management  to  fit with your specific challenges.
Running a tailor-made  set  of  audits  and interviews leads us to use specific managerial tools based on your needs:

. Lean Six Sigma Process Management, Performance management, defining and enhancing Key Performance Indicators.
· Capacity  Planning  and  enhancing utilization of your infrastructure, medical space and professional employees.
. Data Management, predictive modeling, Scheduling Optimization, Forecasting and Business Intelligence.
. Data Security and Attack Simulation.

What we deliver…

Identifying challenges and modeling a processes are crucial steps in developing  a sustainable solution. We at Helmfried are equipped with an extensive array of  techniques  for  understanding  and  diagnosis of your business entity and delivering satisfying results in:
· Reducing costs by measurable means.
· Design and improvement of performance metrics.
· Enhancing customer satisfaction.
· Increasing service capacity.

We mainly deliver 3 core services for Healthcare Organizations:
– Lean Six Sigma Process Management
– 360° Scheduling and Capacity Planning
– Data Management and eHealth

Automation Products

MediMinder: Text Appointment Reminder for Health Centers

– Scheduling System: Optimizing and Computer Based Scheduling Systems


Helmfried is currently a member of The Integrated Partnership for Seniors (TIPS) of Ontario, Canada