ehealth-CanadaData Management consists of tools and techniques for generating and presenting useful information out of massive pool of raw data. Some of the services we can offer for your Medical Centre are:

· Predictive  Analytics: Forecasting about patient inflow for planning and scheduling purposes, predictive models to capture falling risk in senior centres, readmission probability for each patient and many more factors that Healthcare Centres are willing to know in advance are some deliverables of Predictive Analytics.
· Descriptive Analytics: use your data to understand managerial indicators, including performance measures, pricing factors, etc.


Make Decisions Smarter and more Accurate

The quality of a decision is only as good as the quality and accuracy of your data and your ability in interpreting the data. We can help you shift your decision making paradigm from traditional intuitive models to an evidence-based and data-informed one. We can offer a framework for your decision making based on your own data. Data reports will give you a better insight into what is going on in your hospital/unit/ or clinic right now, what will probably happen tomorrow, and how can it best be controlled.

Extract the Wealth of Data

Data is the most valuable asset of every hospital. We can turn your massive amount of data into analytical reports tailor-made to your decision making model. Developing predictive models and help you plan for future in more efficient manner or diagnose the current state of the organization more accurate. Detailed report on the current statues of the system, resource consumption per client, future trends and expected scenarios are some samples.

Orchestrate the Activities

Different activities within a Healthcare Centre can be orchestrated using the information they get and the information they produce. With a strong data management architecture, every one will perform aligned with overall goals of the organization.  Through that the organization will experience better usage of its resources, decrease in time and resource waste and better customer satisfaction.

We will act as a Data Liaison to align different activities in a hospital, based on their date.


Client Stories

· A hospital unit that looks after premature and sick babies is generating a live steam of every heartbeat. It then analyses the data to  identify patterns. Based on the analysis the system can now detect infections 24hrs before the baby would show any visible symptoms, which allows early intervention and treatment.

· Significant amount of patient waiting in a queue is due to inefficient appointment system and improper sorting and storage of patient data. We can customize an appointment system and data storage structure based on the number of  types of patients, caregiving capacity and fit to your internal procedures.