process improvementIt will be extremely difficult for  competitors to compete with a company which benefits from process continuous improvement. Transforming  business processes into highly-efficient and cost-effective one is a part of Helmfried expertise.

Careful analysis of the current or required process from inception to outcome, cooperation in designing appropriate processes based on organizational goals, and monitoring and assessing the process to final result, is how Helmfried serve companies to meet their goals and adapt themselves with the ever changing environment.


Examples of Deliverables

  • Current State Situation Assessment
  • Gap Identification and Analysis
  • Process Redesign
  • Process Tools Implementation
  • Lean Six Sigma Process Management
  • Downsizing/Expansion Analysis


Find the Root Causes

Hospitals and Healthcare centres are service entities with very complex internal processes and expensive resources. Rethinking and refreshing internal processes are necessary for sustainable operations without any resource waste. Sig Sigma technique is a pair of glasses for managers to have a more clear look at how different processes are being performed at different levels of details. 


Sustainable Performance

Just arriving at a high performance and lean processes is not enough. A good organization should be able to maintain efficiency and effectiveness for a long time. Sustainable performance is an enduring investment a healthcare centre can undergo. We can develop necessary tangible infrastructure for sustainable efficiency and process excellence in the organization.


Rapid Cost Saving

Based on the extend of the project, Healthcare centres can save up to 25% in their cost by applying performance management techniques and increase their operational capacity. Six Sigma is a comprehensive technique for tangible and quick results in cost saving.


Client Stories

· Using Lean Six Sigma, our client hospital in Toronto improved patient satisfaction over 50%, reduced emergency department length of service by 21%, and recovered over $4 million in cost of quality.

· During  a  three-day  Kaizen event, client Healthcare Corporation developed Value Stream Maps (VSM) that detailed the plant’s use of water and identified processes  with  potential  for  improvement. Using the VSMs,  the team developed  an  implementation  plan that saved 170,000 gallons  of water per day over $17,000 over three months, with no capital investment.