MedSim360° Scheduling and Capacity Planning

Scheduling is the concept that is used for assigning limited resources to the needs and increasing requirements. Every Healthcare Centre has a limited number of practitioners, beds, equipment and rooms. For an acceptable management practice, these resources should be allocated to the patients in an Optimized way. We use following techniques to match the needs to resources:

· Computer Simulation: Modeling main practices of a Healthcare Centre that includes the resources, patient behaviour and environmental conditions, in order to reach a well-balanced situation.

· Optimization: Complex mathematical modeling to maximize utilization rate or minimize waste in a single process,  considering that we are bounded with limited resources.

· Data Management: Different  Data  Management techniques are used to generate analytical information as an input to the scheduling models.

Decrease Resource WasteMaximize Resource Utilization
Reduce the Costs
Every Hospital has a scheduling for its expensive resources, including doctors and nurses, EMS capacity, Surgery rooms and equipment and many more. Improper scheduling practice can cause huge wastes in times of the practitioners and inefficient usage of medical infrastructure.
We can offer a scheduling practice based on Optimization techniques to minimize resource waste.
With a comprehensive scheduling system based on computer simulation and optimization techniques, we can maintain the utilization of the infrastructure in a Healthcare Centre at its maximum level. Occupancy Rate of the hospitals beds and other service departments will increase, which enables the Healthcare Centre serve more patients with current infrastructure.By preventing the waste is resources, including working hours of staff, upkeep and maintenance costs, decreasing patient waiting times and enhancing resource utilization rate due to optimized scheduling practice, a Healthcare Centre will practice 5% to 15% direct saving in overall costs.

Client Stories

· MDs  at a Healthcare centre usually have limitations  on  their  presence time. Finding a  proper weekly  plan  for the hospital considering presence  of  enough  practitioners at every moment, while moving within constraints on their available time is a complex task. With scheduling  techniques,  we  deliver  the  optimized solution that satisfies the requirements of everyone. Doctors will be present at their desired time, while the minimum requirements always are met.

· Surgery rooms are very expensive infrastructures at hospitals. There are times when no one uses a specific room, while there are patients waiting for surgery. By designing a high performance appointment system through scheduling techniques, we can increase the utilization rate of the surgery rooms.

. Human resource is the most valuable asset of a Healthcare centre, carrying years of professional experience and knowledge of the organization.  Our client in Montreal is one the well-known personal care providers, who was facing high HR expenditure as a cost item in their financial statements. They were not inclined to layoffs, but to increase their service capacity and generating more revenue while retaining their current number of nurses and professional staff.

We took two parallel approaches in order to enhance their capacity utilization, e.g. hours of effective service per nurse. Optimized appointment procedure for assigning nurses to clients to diminish waste in time and enhance the scheduling practice was the internal remedy for this issue; while for increasing the market reach we conveyed a market study and market development strategy for sustainable growth.