Innovation and technology development is a part of our DNA. Our nimble team of experts is our ultimate resource in helping people with technology development. New start-up ideas, both in house and outsourced are very well backed by our business management consultants. This combination of technology experts and business consultants is what we need to make sure the projects are sound and feasible from both technical and business perspectives.

Sample Projects:

Patent Plus: in a collaboration with FICI Canada, innovative ideas can benefit from an innovative type of customized pattent protections now. Our contribution in bringing this possibility for inventors and innovators, was via development of an online platform for FICI.

MentoJob, A Mentor Based Intelligent Career Development Platform:

The idea behind this project is to find appropriate mentors for people who want a job and to help them throughout the hiring process. The platform is based on a large in-house dataset of mentors and an in-house and web-based dataset of people who want a job. To generate good results, the system must find a perfect match between these two groups. Due to the wide variety and complexity of information within people’s resumes, this cannot be done manually and an intelligent system is needed for such a function.

In this system, data mining technology will be used to extract demographic data from users’ portfolios. An artificial intelligence system will then use this information to identify each user’s most prominent features. The artificial intelligence system contains a natural language processing component that models users’ preferences and expertise from their written portfolios.

After training on the dataset of pairs, machine learning technology will be used to precisely classify people and execute the matching process. Unwanted recommendations will also be filtered out. Due to the vast amount of information, extensive data is hidden behind this system and therefore it cannot provide relevant and effective recommendations without an appropriate big data processing unit.

In a nutshell, the above system contains cutting-edge data mining, artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology, machine learning methods and big data processing. The core of this system is a web-based platform with a user interface, but it also contains powerful mobile apps for various mobile operating system such as Android, iOS , and Windows Phone.

PaperSoleil: In this project, we provided an strong eCommerce backbone for our client in Paper Industry.